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The world of architecture and building is changing and evolving continuously. However, currently it is starting to look towards a new horizon where not only aesthetics, productivity and costs are taken into account ..., but more ecological, healthier elements, materials with less manufacturing, are being considered. Moreover, we begin to hear about being more responsible with the lifespan of our construction. For all this, energy efficiency, comfort, health, self-consumption, energy independence ... they are starting to have great importance in the day to day of this sector.

MA2C has always believed in this type of architecture and that's why we have specialized in passive construction, which is where the building as a whole has the capacity to provide well being to its user without having to waste a large amount of energy nor natural resources.

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Technical Architecture

When you look at a building, a monument, an architectural creation or any type of construction and you wonder how it was built, the materials used, its costs, the resources used, if quality control has been followed, if the safety and health of the workers who have made it possible has been taken into account ... you are observing it from the point of view of a technical architect.
A Technical Architect is the professional in the world of building who takes all these parameters into account, and who can also work in very different fields of architecture.
MA2C is a liberal and independent technical architect who loves his work, who is involved in each project, who is attentive to his clients and who has great experience within the office and within the construction site, after having participated in and collaborated with many different projects and constructions.
The main services that MA2C offers are project management, security coordination, collaborations in the project phase, occupancy certificates, energy performance certificates, drafting of security projects, drafting of architectural technical projects.

Passivhaus consultancy

MA2C has been trained in the little known field of the Passivhaus standard. This standard was created by a German physicist determining how a house should be, so that it would be energy-efficient. Passivhaus buildings have been built around the world and have become a reference for the drafting of several technical regulations in different countries. In other countries, it has been used for more than 25 years. Nevertheless, in Spain, and specifically in the Balearic Islands, it hasn't been heard of until recently.
What influences most when choosing a house of this type is visiting one and sharing the experience with those who are already living the experience. The comfort and well-being that one feels inside it is very different from that to which we are accustomed. In addition, they are buildings that contribute to people's health and to energy conservation in little time.
The 5 pillars of the Passivhaus standard are:

- Superinsulation
- Elimination of thermal bridges
- Airtight barrier layers
- High performance windows
- Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

Structural consultancy

The design and calculation of structures for buildings was the first specialized training in which I became interested just after finishing the university stage. I knew that it was important to have specific knowledge in such a competent world, and after having accumulated a lot of experience in different projects, consultancies and specific project managements, I can assure you that it has helped me lose my fear, but never the respect, of architectural structures.
MA2C offers design services and structural calculations in architecture and building projects for professionals or architecture firms. We also feel very confident doing project management as a lot of work has been done in this field.

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