Miquel Àngel Cànaves

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I am a young liberal professional with a lot of experience, eager to work or to be part of the creation team of an architecture or building project. Above all, I want to make architectural projects, that have been designed, come true by contributing with my experience. My specialization in structures gives me the confidence to assume any type of challenge in architecture and my competence in passivhaus helps me improve the most current designs from the point of view of energy efficiency.
My training began at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, coursing technical architecture studies and specializing in construction projects. Later I studied a Master's degree in Architectural Structures at the foundation of that same university. During the first year, I combined this specialty with work in the structural study of Jordi Oliveres and Redé and during the second, I combined it working continuously and independently in the office of DAA3 Arquitectura in Pollença.
After that, I attended the adaptation course, which validated my technical architecture studies to the degree in construction, at the University of the Balearic Islands for one semester.
Finally, I entered the world of passive construction by firstly obtaining the title of Passivhaus Tradesperson and later that of Passivhaus Designer.